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11 Hair Care Tips From Jawed Habib

A few amazing tips from the man himself that will help you set new standards and also help you maintain your hair. With years of experience in the hair styling industry, Jawed Habib is a name that is synonymous with hair styling. According to him, you should always take profession as a religion and create faith amongst people in order to achieve new levels of success.Today, JH brand is the talk of the town and need of the country.

  • Trust your hair expert as good hair cut are the best treatment.
  • Your shampoo’s only work is to clean hair. It does not promote growth by itself.
  • Shampoo your hair everyday using the correct type of shampoo.
  • Put the conditioner only on your hair and never on the scalp.
  • Oil provides moisture – it does not promote hair growth. Get a spa treatment instead.
  • Use brushes and combs with wide spikes to avoid breakage of hair.
  • Use a heat protector spray while ironing/blow drying your hair at home.
  • Try not to keep styling aids like gel, hair wax, mousse’s, blow dry lotion, spray in your hair for more than one day.
  • Avoid frequent chemical jobs. Also consult a professional before doing any at home.
  • Hair growth comes from a healthy diet and positive thinking.
  • Drink plenty of water. But do not use very hot water for your hair wash.