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The sun has set on summer and we are now enjoying all that autumn has to offer.  A seasonal change typically means a change in the way skin behaves, often resulting in dryness and a general dull appearance.Unfortunately, as the seasons change, so can your skin and the care it needs. Hence,  It is essential to adjust your skin care routine to accommodate these changes.

The spring and autumn months are the ultimate time to review your current skin care regime. Use this time to analyze your skin to determine a suitable home care plan.

Exfoliating your skin twice a week and apply a face mask more frequently to boost and hydrate. Adding essential oils into your regime is an exceptional way to nourish skin, whether its dehydration or sensitivity, it will ensure you skin is effectively protected by the time winter arrives. By making just a few alterations, you can keep your complexion clear and your skin radiant all year around.