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The latest brand addition to the Jawed Habib family. JH HairXpreso unisex salon has set the hair styling landscape of the country ablaze with quick, contemporary, dry hair cuts at delightfully low prices. Jawed Habib’s HairXpreso has brought designer haircuts within the realm of the common man by cutting down the frills associated with it. It is aimed at the Indian youth who wants a designer haircut but finds the pricing a bit pinching.

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    What we Offer

    We’re proud to offer dry haircuts at low prices of Rs. 149. This has made designer haircuts within the realm of the common man which is also aimed at the Indian youth looking to have a good haircut.

    Our unique selling point itself is enough to cater to the customers easily. We offer great value for your hard-earned money.

    If you have the capability to invest & manage your own unit, we don’t see any point of having any prior experience.

    At JH, you just have to invest your time and we’ve got it all covered for you. Right from Staff recruitment to staff-up-gradation training we provide all that you just need. Salon management training, salon designing & artworks, marketing and promotion planning is all done by us.

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