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Green Conversion

All about Green Conversion

There is a sprout of small and big shops / salons across lanes and markets these days. Entrepreneurship is the buzz all around. Various schemes of the government coupled by the guidance from the industry specialists are providing adequate and firm platform for a novice to take-off smoothly. But a mere smooth start does not give viability to business. Growth comes with constant improvement and innovation which in turn comes with up scaling of skills and increased investments. By not keeping track of the same, the business yields a downward curve and leads to degraded services. Consequently, at times, business, instead of reaching a breakeven point reaches a break-up point and that’s the end of the story. With the propelling growth of the hair industry it is likely that the sector becomes highly unorganized. It is imminent to organize the hair industry as the challenges are galactic.

In our JAWED HABIB GREEN – Conversion, we will identify the cracking lines of the hair industry and provide support in all possible manners to prevent the business from breaking down. We will adopt measures to ensure that the businesses retain entrepreneurship spirit yet adopt constant value additions for a sustainable growth with improved service conditions and profits. Conversion is about having a branding alliance with existing salons.



  • Our brand support to provide visibility to the business

  • Improvising services to enhance value for the customers

  • Introducing new services for business expansion

  • Educational support to upgrade skills of the staff

  • Constant training of staff to hone the acquired qualities and demonstrate professional grooming standards

  • Standardization of processes by introducing new operational systems

  • Providing quality and standard tangibles to boost the business environment

  • Keeping a sniper view to identify signs of problems and break downs in their early stages thereby enabling providing of timely and cost effective solutions

  • Promotion of tied up salons through a central marketing effort

    Understanding the size of an existing business, we provide all the above value additions. Organizing the unorganized is the future of our industry.