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Hair & Beauty

A full range of hair and beauty services is offered by Jawed Habib Salons which is tantamount with Jawed Habib himself. The passion and warmth of Jawed Habib is also reflected in the ambience of the salons! Our personalized services and also the ambience is sure one of the best factors that induce client satisfaction. “We don’t just cut hair; we feel and understand and customise styles to suit your personality and life style”, says Jawed.

India is in the forefront when it comes to hair fashion. And quite evidently enough, making a hair-fashion statement is now increasingly becoming a trend. No longer do people visit a salon for just a haircut or a trim. We at Jawed Habib understand this change in consumer behaviour and through our chain of salons, we are at the ‘cutting’ edge of Hair Fashion. Across Jawed Habib salons, creative stylists trained in aesthetic sensitivity at Jawed Habib Academies, work magic with the client’s hair.

Jawed Habib is one of the leading Hair & Beauty salon chains in India. It operates 179 salons across 21 states and 90 cities in the country. Continuous dedication to quality and superiority has made this possible.

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