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2 Vital Vitamins for Hair Growth

With age it is a very natural response for the fall in thickness of hair. Women tend to see signs from the age of 30 and have lost most of their hair by their 60′s where as men this is many different patterns which are associated with the cause behind the baldness. There are very many reasons behind this.

Causes of Hair Loss


Most times, the reason behind your hair loss is a combination of a few of the above reasons. Which makes it very hard to stop in most cases. The best we can hope for is reducing it to the large extent. For this we take the aid of many external treatments, ayurvedic, allopathic and what ever else we can find in between.

Some treatments work and some don’t but if we had to pick one practice to anti hair loss regimen, it would be to ensure that your hair receives abundant supple of nutrition to with stand the rigors of the daily life. Our lifestyles are a picture perfect example of excessive stress and unhealthy living. And as the saying goes, healthy inside is healthy outside. Hence, the adjustment of your diet to add the nutritional value. What reflects in your health will also reflect in your hair.

What to eat for your healthy hair?

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Your hair is essentially protein based and though it is dead, there is some life is roots that result in hair growth. Hence, the need for the right nutrients and vitamins for hair will help you boost hair growth. The next obvious question will be what are the nutrients. So here is the list.




Yes vitamins top the chart. So which vitamin is good for hair? Why do you need to consume it to ensure reduce hair fall? Here is the list of the most required vitamins for hair growth.

    • Vitamin A

Vitamin A also plays an important role in hair growth. It keeps your hair black and shiny. Vitamin A contains Antioxidants that moisturizes the scalp and prevents the hair from drying out.Vitamin A helps in strengthening and thickening of the hair.

Foods rich in Vitamin A

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Biotin is called as the H vitamin and also ‘hair growth’ vitamin by people around the world is the one the 12 of the Vitamin B family. We like to also call it our favorite of all the hair growth vitamins. It repairs brittle hair and improves the health and texture of the hair. Biotin is known to work wonders on hair volume and thickness. It aids in the production of fatty acids within the cells, the growth of cells, and many other important processes that involve amino acids and fats. Amino acids as we know are the building blocks of proteins. Plus it plays an important role in the process of glucogenesis too.

Due to its very many important functions, the result of sufficient biotin in take results in the following

 rapid increase in the growth rate if your hair

 gaining thicker hair with greatly multiplied volume

 straightening of hair.