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10 Ways to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Stencil Your Brows

“Before you tweeze, use a beige pencil to color over the hairs you want to remove. This takes the guesswork out of grooming and prevents you from over-plucking,” says makeup artist Charlotte Willer, whose clients include Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Moss.

Lash Out

“To get your longest-looking lashes, start by taking the tip of the mascara wand and apply formula directly to the ends of your lashes in an upwards direction,” advises Madonna’s go-to makeup maven, Gina Brooke. “For thickness, wait a few seconds, and continue to apply mascara to the base of the lashes using quick right-to-left strokes. This all works to coat the lashes as much as possible.”

Twin Peaks

“Using two different eye shadow shades from the same color family creates instant dimension on your lids,” explains celebrity makeup artist Jake Bailey. “I did this for Katy Perry when she attended the Smurf’s premiere, and the effect was dazzling.

Pop It and Lock It

“To appear more doe-eyed, concentrate color at the middle of the lash lines,” notes celebrity makeup artist, Sarah Lucero (Katherine Heigl and Olivia Wilde are fans). “You can apply a thicker line on the top lashes and fade it out to the sides, but keep the color focused on the highest and lowest points to emphasize the widest section of your eye shape.”

Get the Blues

“Experiment with blue-hued eyeliner,” says QVC-regular, Laura Geller. “The cooler tones will make the whites of your eyes appear brighter.”

Go for Seconds

“Doubling up on mascara coats along your top lashes will create a lifting effect for droopy lids. I like to use wands with angled bristles so I can catch every hair,” says makeup artist, Daniel Martin, who routinely created the face look for this season’s Chris Benz fashion show.

Curl It On Up

“When you curl your lashes, start at the root of your lash and gently pulse the curler shut three times. Then, move the curler half way up the length of your eye lashes and repeat. This will ensure that you’ll get a natural curl, instead of a funky crimp,” explains wedding makeup expert, Raychel Wade.

Follow the Crease

To get the most out of the natural contour of your eye, only apply liner as far as your crease extends,” explains celebrity makeup artist, Joanna Schlip (Eva Longoria and Jessica Simpson are among her many clients).

Use a Top Coat

“After applying mascara, use a dermatologist-tested top coat to make your lashes look inky black and shiny,” recommends Brooke.

Color Wheel (and Deal)

“As a general rule of thumb, warm sandy shades are great for women with green eyes. Pinks and golds complement brown-eyed girls. And blue hues work for everyone,” says Bailey