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Jawed Habib himself is a style icon for a lot of people in the hair industry itself. A plethora of styles brought to you by Jawed Habib is here in front of you. A legacy was created by Jawed Habib’s father and from there, jawed took it further and didn’t look back ever! He has created a style hub and is also renowned for a lot of reasons that would be too impressive to handle.Jawed Habib was one of the main people to introduce hair colour to India. He was in the Limca book of record for achieving an amazing 410 haircuts in under 25 hours’ non-stop work. Things like these, make him what he is right now in the industry. He has published a lot of online tutorials, cds/ books in order to educate other people.
Fashion for everybody is his vision and to make this world a fashionable place by making fashion affordable. He is also a very renowned fashion & film celebrity hair stylist and consultant. Jawed Habib has passed on the knowledge in order to create a stylish world. With that being said, over 10 million students have earned a Jawed Habib live workshop and training programs.For consequent 9 amazing years, Jawed Habib has been the brand ambassador for the brand Sunsilk. That was made possible only because of the hard work that he had put into his own brand and later started getting offers in order to promote their brand. Jawed became the most sort after name for promoting not only Hair Care and Cosmetic products but also other FMCG products.