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Jawed Habib PRO - Jawed Habib
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Jawed Habib PRO

The Jawed Habib – Location is the personification of luxury with an absolute focus on rejuvenation
and giving you a comprehensive experience. We offer premium hair and beauty services with best-
in-class stylists, therapists, and beauticians. Under the tutelage of the iconic Mr. Jawed Habib, we
strive to provide some unparalleled Hair, beauty, Makeup and grooming options to each of our
customers. Please call or message us to book an appointment.

Pedicure / Manicure

Mani-Pedicure no longer once in a while luxury spa service. They are grooming essential for both men and women. It is imperative that we have clean nails, which are removed from splits, dead cells, cuticles etc. They give you great skin for your hands and feet along with healthy and shapely nails.